Q: Why does the time go out of sync with the base?

  • If the server is stopped or rebooted for any reason the time will be shifted that amount of time.
  • If the base owner logs back in the time will be reset back to default.
  • If the server has a time multiplcation factor other than 1. (I have not run into a server that has more or less than 1)

Q: What is the difference between "Check when looted" and "Delete" a base?

  • "Check when looted" keeps the record in the database and that base will show up in reports.
  • "Delete" removes the record from the database and will be gone permantly.
  • Either way the base will no longer show up on the map.

Q: Does this find bases for me?

  • No, this does not automatically find bases for you.
  • This is not a cheat, it help you keep track the bases you find.